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Friday, August 12, 2011

I want to win a contest please help!

Yes this is my first attempt at self promoting... I may need pointers from you more experienced self promoters out there.
I am entering a Contest for tickets to a Concert I want to go to and dad gum it I deserve a weekend off!
I mean really, I don't get nearly enough chocolate and I haven't even gotten a t-shirt for my sainthood!
I SHOULD get tickets to an outdoor concert that will have LOTS of music That I happen to enjoy!
So here is where you, my beautiful, gracious, giving followers come in...
I made a video and all you have to do is LIKE it, you don't have to Watch it, just LIKE it!
The Top 3 Videos will get not just tickets but REALLY GOOD TICKETS!
Please Like me!

I can think of no more to add to the begging at the moment... but as soon as I do I will edit it in!

Here is the video: RockJam

ps I believe my sister the editor will cringe greatly upon reading this entry...that just makes me giggle with glee to picture!

**** EDIT*****
I changed the link to the video... seems they want the likes for a video to come thru their page... so if you loved me enough to like it the first time woud you be so gracious as to Like it again?

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