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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Setting bait

This has been a pretty rough year. i stopped writing... obviously... and I had stopped drawing as well. I have a bead work piece that I have been stalled on for a few months.
Autumn is upon us and as everyone knows it is a time for finishing. It is time to start tying up all these loose ends and start writing again! I never was a fan of Autumn, no offence dear season. I just prefer Spring! A time to start things!
Obviously that is because I like to start, but have to force myself to finish anything!
This year I will embrace Autumn. i will try to finish some things... write some new things.... feed my shriveled inner spark.
So I set about to get a Muse.

You may wonder how do you get a Muse?
Well, you set bait for them!
Most often they just sneak up on you when you least expect it and POUNCE! They are very unpredictable creatures, you know.  When you are hunting a Muse it is quite another thing.
I decided the best thing I could do was stir things up a little... they are often attracted to you when you are the most busy and just can not take a break from what you are doing to give them the attention your heart drives you to... my, but they are like children in that fashion...

I set the bait by rearranging my entire living room!
I flipped the whole thing while everyone was at work or school. There is nothing quite so fun as rearranging a living room while the OCD people are away and then watching their faces when they come back home. I think Muses enjoy it as well because I just kept getting more and more ideas on how to change the living room as I worked.

Now, when you are stuck and blocked so hard you can't even doodle and you don't recall the pattern of a haiku this may seem a little crazy to try and attempt. Just start with the ordinary. Pick up the stuff that doesn't go there. Once it is out of the way you will start having a little tickle on which pieces to switch. Do it nice and slow and never destroy the whole room at once! Keep it so you have a place to at least sit the whole time you do this, Muses appreciate that. they love to stand just behind you and whisper while you sit and rest and view what you have done and think on what you will do.

So it seems to have worked a bit. It may not be an Inspiration of heavenly levels, but I can write again!

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