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Friday, September 7, 2012


I know I know... everyone has been awaiting with barely contained excitement to see it I caught any Muses with my resent baiting expedition.
Well here is what I caught...
 not bad... I had fun with the woodwork on the couch.
I wont except the excuse from anyone anymore that they aren't doing any art because they don't have money for supplies. The paper I used was from a larger drawing pad. It had been stored against an outside wall and had mildew on the lower edges, it was deemed unusable and thrown away. Yes Dad, I was digging in the trash again, LOL! I just cut the page in half and used the top part, untouched by the damage. All the pencils I used to color and draw with were picked up off the floor from the middle school. It was a royal pain with some of them because they were the ones that people tossed because they don't sharpen right and the lead breaks... but I am nothing if not stubborn so I just kept sharpening them... with a pencil sharpener that was also tossed out.

It did stir some creative flow for more pictures.
Now I just have to contend with that ever present "Not enough time for it all" monster.

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