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Monday, January 25, 2016

A very fine Focus

I am finding I have to have a very fine focus to stay moving at this point in untangling the threads. So I am breaking things down into small steps. I decide what is the main goal today… then break it down into smaller steps but I am not going very big.

So basically we want to watch a movie as a family tonight so that is our goal. I then back track to what do I need bare minim for that to happen and build my actions from there. To watch a movie I can skip all the first steps up to 'have the movie'. It is the first thing I will need that I don’t already have to watch the movie as a family tonight. And because I want the movies over by a reasonable time I start with how late the movie can be started… movie takes 2 hours and we plan to watch 2 so we need 4 hours before bed to watch the movies. I need to go to the store to get the movies… so add time and flesh it out as it goes until I have in my head every step that I will need, bare minimum, to meet my goal adding in things like meals.

It gives me a daily focus. If I have routines in place, things that need to be done each day for me to function, and complete in the morning I am doing really good cuz it give me time to move my focus to beyond just day to day. In those moments I can look farther and start slipping daily goals that will lead me to a weekly goal that is slowly moving me toward and other bigger goal. And this is slowing allowing moments of spontaneous creativity that get to grow from tiny sparks into a small flame as I find ways to complete more spontaneous things… like making potato candy to go with the movies tonight.

Tomorrow I am giving over to looking at my week and farther goals to see what I can do next and start mapping things out about Balancing Hearth & Home, Mind, Body & Soul, Self, Mate, Relationships, Work and the infinite other aspects that need Balancing. That’s why I guess I’m only a goddess sometimes. It is a very precarious Balance to make.

Well… I need to go make myself dinner and potatoes candy, because if I don’t start now I wont be able to watch the movie on time!

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