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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Focus The One: Family Dream Board

As I said in my last completely rambling post I am learning how to focus. I recently graduate from Massage School and as a project in our business class we made a Dream Board. If you are not familiar with Dream Boards it is simply a place to but visual representations of something you wish to achieve.

A movie I really enjoy is Last Holiday. In it the main character, played by the amazing Queen Latifah, has a photo album she title Possibilities. She had pictures of places she dreamed of going, the wedding she'd like to have, food she'd like to try... A visual representation of her hopes and dreams. As I am learning about Focus I am learning how helpful such a thing is.

One of the big points of conflict we have at home is the lack of communication and constant conflict it causes. I had been thinking on all the supports we have in place... timers, routine, calendars... and how somehow they aren't being used to any benefit. Then it hit me. No one really knows where anyone is going anymore. They can't see how their little piece fits into the picture, because they really don't know what the picture is. They don't really understand why we need chores done because all they can see is the chore.

So basically, yeah, the house and family are in just as a knotted & confused state as my own mind. 

To try and get us all with the same picture in our head of one goal I settled upon doing a Dream Board for the house and yard. At this point my intent is to get a poster board; on half the board put a map-like drawing of our home and yard and how we hope to have it. Draw out the planed garden beds, dog areas, new trees, pond... The base Drawing would be done by My Love and I. then we would have a family meeting where we can all as a family add things in ... color it, cut out magazine pictures and words... and hopefully at the end have a picture in everyone's mind of what our intent is with the house and yard this year.

The second half of the board I am hoping to add Things to DO as a family... concerts, camping trips, diners, bar-b-ques... what ever we might want to have as family goals of Doing for this year.

I see right off several obstacles I will have to figure out. There are the simple ones of what exactly will I need to have, make, and do to have this event of making the Dream Board. The other is how to keep the control freaks in the family from taking over and enviably destroying the plan.

To the first I figure a step by step list:
  1.  Pick a day to have the meeting
  2. Get supplies
  3. Refreshments
  4. Other
I can see this easily getting over whelming so I am leaving it this complex for now.
So This week I'll focus on Step 1... Pick the day.
You'd think that would be simple enough... but of course it's not. LOL!
But you know what? I will make it work.

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