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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This Is Not About Plants

As I was taking care of my plants tonight I was mourning how neglected they were. How when we take something out of its natural environment it becomes dependent. It does not mean the plant submits to us or that the plant is flawed. It simply means they look to us to meet their needs to survive.

My plants have been sorely neglected for years. I was seeing it in their twisted trunks and steams. In their lack of height and fullness.

And all I could think was “Look at the damage neglect has done! And still, it is not abuse.”
I wiped the limp discolored leaves gently with a damp cloth. I marveled at how amazing they were. How by just this little attention they would be greener in the morning. They would hold their leaves a little stronger.

I wondered at how little it takes to keep a plant alive. I marveled at how much you need to know to help it thrive. In fact, you really do nothing but meet its needs and it does the rest. You both enjoy the benefits.

As I moved from plant to plant I began to wonder. It is so simple to keep a plant and so easy to neglect a plant… at what point is the neglect abuse? Their colors were pale and blemishes marred their surfaces, I noticed as I washed each leaf.

I looked at my neglected plants and wondered what would they look like if they were abused? It was about then that I found a plant that had at first looked green on top, but when I moved the foliage to water it, I was met with a mass of twigs. I don’t think this one will bounce back.