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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vampires among Us

Eldest has been rather into vampires (to her fathers disgust)
I'm not sure how it started but Monster has decided Eldest IS a Vampire and she has set out to prove it.

When Eldest is in a bad mood Monster will quietly put on a necklaces of garlic.

At other times Monster will randomly throw cloves of garlic at her...

"MOM! She's throwing garlic...again!"

"LOOK! she jumped away! That proves it! SEEE?!?"

"MOM!!! She threw water on me!"

"Why isn't she melting or bursting into flame?"

"It needs to be holy water."


"MOM! I can't put my eyeliner on cuz Monster keeps jumping out at me!"

"I've proved it! She doesn't have a reflection!"

"Yes I do!"

"I can't see it!"

"That's because you're short."

This morning:

"MOM!!!! She did it again!"

while Eldest was still asleep Monster snuck in and hide a head of garlic under her pillow.

Now she is planning on make dinner for the family...

a garlic dinner.

Looking through recipie books...

"Do we have any recipes that call for garlic? LOTS of garlic? Slices of garlic..."

"I like garlic."

"surrre you do..."

"AAGH!" Eldest throws her arms up in frustration and storms out of the kitchen.

Monday, May 25, 2009

delicate fibro rant

Here you are...
My current Fibromyalgia related issue.
Raw and rambling
just like me

Work and Fibro:
I am trying to decide how much to make them aware of my fibro.
when they hired me I told them about it, but I was only working part time so I said I didn't see it as being a problem.

Now I'm full time.

I told them no more close then opens because I get sick, I didn't go into 'It triggers a fibro attack rendering me useless at best or sick for days.' Didn't think they needed that much info.

They have changed so I come in later then open... but they keep scheduling me for Friday close (11:30ish pm) and Saturday mornings (9ish am) when I told them I could only do that every other week... that part the seem to have forgotten.

I am able to work so much better during the week if I have the weekend off, the two days seems to really help me heal and manage my disease (really hate that word). But I don't want to make a big deal, I'm afraid they will decide it's not worth it.

It's Spring and all the thunderstorms just aggravate my symptoms... funny how at least 8 hours of sleep helps so much :) That and walking.
I rather wish we had our own heated pool as that is supposed to be one of the best forms of exercise for fibro.

My Love is kinda flipping out because he just realized the fibro is kinda related to MS and Lupus.
Because I said FMS, The abbreviation for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.
We had an acquaintance who's wife had MS and she past away leaving little kids and a husband behind. A past boss of My Love has a wife with Lupus, she withdrew from the world completely. It was hard on him and her and helpless to watch.
So his heart hangs low. He is worried/anxious/scared. Is that better then denial?

You know I have met very few people who have it and will talk about it. Kinda like we are all hoping it's not really real and the other person is just a mental case :)
I know I keep trying to convince myself that, stupid syndrome.

Well, I better get to bed or I'll pay tomorrow and tonight too. *sigh*

Interesting fact
in the Language of Flowers Aspen trees, which happen to be my favorite tree, mean sigh.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Absolutely no point

At work I am simi famous for my announcements.
No one did announcements (even though they were supposed to be) cuz they all thought it was dorky, embarrassing, silly...what ever.
Needless to say I'm rather talented at it (or so I am told)

I like writing announcements.
The goofier the better.
Seriously, I can say some nutty stuff and no one calls me on it...
of course that could be cuz they are not paying attention.

Well actually I KNOW they are paying at least a tiny bit of attention because I get just enough of a responds... simple things like some one mentioning,
"How did you know I didn't eat breakfast?!"
"You're right! I do NEED coffee!"
"Now that you mention it it is hot and I would like something cold."

So today we had a gentleman in the cafe doing his very first book signing. His daughter lives here and since he was in town he thought he would do a book signing (gets to write off the trip to see grandkids I bet, lol) His daughter made cookies too attract more people over. They were yummy!

He was kinda nervous and not sure what to expect. I didn't talk to anyone that said they were his publicist so he may have been self-promoting. The GSM (I think that is her title, translates to boss of the store for shift) asks me to do some announcements for them and be nice cuz he's a great guy.

I talk to him a little, ask how he would describe his book, how to pronounce his name (yes, cuz you never know if when the spell it Bryan if it pronounced Bur-eye-an, don't laugh at me!), what genre would he like it to be mentioned as and so on.
Then I wrote up several, okay 4, announcements. I made an announcement every 15-20 minutes.

He and his daughter enjoyed them!

After every announcement they would be giggling and joking. I told him that by the second hour people would be saying to themselves, "You know, I think I have heard about that book..." and they did.
I billed it a memorable fathers day gift in another announcement and it became one.
I called him brilliant and the book a must read... (his daughter almost fell of her chair at that one)
It was fun.

He and his daughter had a good time and will do book signings in the future. The first one wasn't so horrible...

Well, guess what you are getting for Father's Day dad?
A Special signed copy of a Brilliant new book!

aww darn, now it wont be a surprise.

oh one draw back. I entertained and drew attention enough that I have been asked to help figure out how to promote a midnight release party for Dan Brown's new book, I don't even like his writing! This ought to be interesting.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

those weird tests

Okay you know those really odd test that will tell you everything?
Well, Eldest took one and was all proud and sent me her results thru an email

see, she all talented and savvy and knows so much... I try not to crush her.

Well turns out she thinks I used to be very cool as a teen and that I never really stopped, so that's good right?


Her test results:

Goth Test

Poseur Goth

You may think you're goth, but you're not. (Maybe Nu Metal?) You wear black to piss off your parents and rebel against societal norms. Goths don't care about other people's impression of them, they wear what they wear because they want to look unique/different and get creative with their get-ups. Plus, Hot Topic? Really?

Goth Test from Dumb Spot!

Dumb Quizzes | MySpace Quizzes & Quotes | Make a Quiz

I felt really bad for her, cuz she has been seeking a Title or Lable or Clique and decided she is goth because she likes their clothes and the color black.
I can relate. I like black too.

Well, I took the test just for grins...

Goth Test


You are definitely goth. You participate in the scene and love the music and the fashion, but you didn't quite score enough to make "Elite Goth," because you're not as familiar with the history/background of the subculture.

Goth Test from Dumb Spot!

Dumb Quizzes | MySpace Quizzes & Quotes | Make a Quiz

I'm not sure how to react to that bit of info.
I, of course, being a MOM, sent her a copy by email and asked if she was jealous.
wait? was this a contest?
Did I win?
What was the prize?
Ohh may brownies!
I like brownies! Let the prize be brownies!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

date on a calendar

I've be melancholy leading to full blown depressed recently.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I have been besieged by attacks from spiders and wasps to the point that others commented on the bazaar actions they have been taking to get to me...
I begin to wonder if I was missing a serious message from the universe...
I was reminded of the movie "Failure to Launch" and how one of the characters was attacked by gentle creatures.."because his life was go fundamentally out of balance that nature herself rejected him"

that got me nervous.

well now I can't recall what triggered it, the shock was actually that hard...
i think I know what is up.
Even if I was not consciously aware of the date.
The realization of a day that is rapidly approaching hit me just now
as hard as a physical blow...
have you ever had that feeling?
rather odd isn't it?
A thought hat is physical...

well now that I think I know at least one of the causes to my recent trials
maybe I can approach it correctly and heal instead of hurt.

new theme song?

Not sure why I love this song, but I do!
Can't get it out of my head!

Monday, May 11, 2009

EVIL MOM cont.

I have discovered what EVIL stands for!

This morning I was talking to the girls, something like this:

Me: "You know how you guys call me evil..."

Eldest's interrupts anxiously : "We don't mean evil like demonic or bad! We mean....uh... welll...something else."

Monster as anxious : "Yeah, not demons."

Me: "Well, I figure it stands for something..."

Both interrupt : "Yeah!"

Me: "But I wasn't sure what..."

Monster intently: "Me neither!"

Me: "But I think I found it!

Both intently watching, yet cautious.

Me carefully: "Exceptional Virtuous Intelligent Lady."

Both are visibly relived and excited, Monster: "That's it exactly! That's exactly what it means!"

Eldest: "Exactly MOM. You ARE EVIL."

Awww, they are so sweet!

p.s. were you wondering were Thunderous was during this conversation?
He didn't learn his lesson yesterday and had fell back to sleep again.
Must come up with a better consequence.
I think bed time all week end shall be 7:30.
The sun is still up then.

Or maybe cold water as wake up call....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Evil MOM

My kids often times say I am evil.
Yet it almost seems to be a term of endearment.
Perhaps Evil is an anachronism for something else...

Every Verb Is Love

Even Vegetables Inhabit Luxembourg

Every Victim Is Loony


See they most often say it when I have out smarted them or been particularly MOM like.
Oh, perhaps I should explain MOM.
See it is my Title and I have earned it.
When my kids were very small we discovered MOM means Mind Over Matter.
They are constantly amazed at what can be done with MOM powers.
So when they tell me I am evil, I just know it stands for something...if only I knew what.

I maybe getting closer to figuring it out.

See, this morning as I tried to wake the kids I reminded them if they fell back to sleep they would have a rushed morning and they were taking the bus even if they were half dressed and forgot all there school things.
"MOM, you are evil!" came a laughing exclamation from the Morning person known as Monster. The Not Morning person of Eldest groaned and started to get out of bed, amazing how tangled the blankets can get... But not a sound came from the Thunderous One's room. That in it's self is concerning (think of his name). He was so unmoving I asked if he was dead, he barely shook his head. Does that mean he is barely dead? I stood there annoying him for abit longer. I left him another warning that he would be rushed if he fell back to sleep.

Well... I must be evil (we must find out what it means!) for not an hour later he was limping down the driveway to the bus: one shoe in his hand, coat and back pack in the other... I sure hope he listened last night and packed his backpack with everything he needs for school today.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

bug bites

Ever been bitten by the bug of an idea...
one that just wont let go,
That sits in the back of your mind when you think you have gotten over it,
and waits (gaining strength)
to just pounce out again!?!

Well, I've got two of 'em.

The first one I thought of came to me years ago, about 10 years in fact.
When we fist moved here and were living in the campgrounds.
The second one came more recently, just a few months.

But somehow they are both intertwined now and back to pester me full force.
The problem is, I don't know what to do about it!

I told My Love last night, "I want to work for the newspaper."
He was rather taken back, shocked or perhaps confused?
"Really? Our paper? Really?" that's all he could say. He was awaiting farther explanation.
I was cleaning so I'm not sure how well I conveyed myself.
I reminded him I did have newspaper experience, yeah only high school, but still...

One of the ideas, the more recent one, is I want to be the Moderator of the Newspaper's community forum. They closed it down because of the number of trolls (an industry term) that had invested it. I have plenty of experience with trolls and forums as I have been moderating 4 forums on one website and another forum for a charity. I KNOW I would be the right person for getting our community forum going and thriving and truly being about our community!

Unfortunately the Newspaper doesn't seem to agree. I have sent emails to the publisher and the guy in charge of the reporters (whose title escapes me right now). I have never heard from either of them. I think I will soon try again... But should I change my approach?
I used the internet on this one and sent an email because it seemed logical, "Hey, I want to work on your internet site and... see? I can use a computer!"
Perhaps the next time I need to print off the letters and mail them as well as emailing them. Perhaps if I am really clever I can time the letters and email to arrive on the same day... or would that just be annoying?

The other one I don't want to go into because I have no experience to use to sell me... and if i tell you you might steal my idea!
Yeah, that's'll steal my idea.

Either way I would have to convince them to create a paying position, one they do not already have. I would have to convince them they NEED ME for this position and I am worth the money and risk.
THAT is what is stumping me.
How do I do that? I am worth it, but how can I convince them?
Heck, how do I even get an interview or my letter read?
Considering the economy and the recent fall of a big paper in our state it shall be an up mountain climb, a challenge.
How am I when challenged?

I think I need to call the paper and see if there is a secretary I can talk to. We all know that is where the power is.

Oh and it's not that I don't love my job as a barista, it's just that I have ALOT of things I want to do!

Friday, May 1, 2009

and another one bites the dust...

Monster come home from school after a spectacular display of her own.
Sidewalk at school on the way back from art class.
She proudly told her dad how she got out of line and didn't go in the building cuz she knew she was going to throw up and thought throwing up on the sidewalk would be a better choice.
(she threw up all down the hall way in school on the first day of the year just before classes let out, it has scared her for life I think)

She seems to have had it the mildest. Fever came and went quickly. Only threw up the rest of that day and night.
She's back in school today.

Yesterday as the bus pulled up I looked out the window to see Eldest disembark from the bus holding her stomach. Uh oh...
Later that afternoon she had run some errands with me...why you may ask? Well, because she insisted she was not sick and was going to prove it.

welll... I hate that I'm right almost all the time (part of being a goddess I suppose)

We now may give another award.
Most public, yet least gross, violent emptying of the stomach.

As Eldest and I left a store, with the entire high school football team right behind us, she suddenly threw up! Not a word of warning, just opened her mouth and a fountain spouted!
She had had nothing to eat since an early lunch and had been drinking 7up, so after the horror movie of Thunderous, this was as pleasant as the flu gets! LOL!
She was furious that the boys looked at her while she threw up, she felt they all should have turned their heads and given her privacy. Doesn't help that in the store she had been growling at them, she doesn't like boys at all...well most boys anyway. All they had been doing was just be born boys.
So I was torn between rushing her to the car so she could get away from the uncomfortable situation and making sure she was done and okay.

We rushed to the car.
Didn't help, they were all parked by us.
She threw up twice more before she was done.

and yes, she was sure they all stayed to watch.
They didn't really, but you can't get someone with social anxiety to believe that.

So today 2 are at school
one is home.
My Love is at work feeling a bit queasy and I close tonight (work till midnight or so)
I am hoping I make it till tomorrow to be sick, that way I don't miss work.
Flu is bad for the economy you know.
Missed work means less pay
less pay means you spend less
which means the stores make less which means layoffs
which means less money to spend at stores...
see vicious cycle!

I didn't mention earlier (cuz I am still waiting for the call)
When I called the 2 in yesterday
I was given the 3rd degree about their symptoms
fever, vomiting, diareah, a cough, and runny nose...
then was told they can't come back till they are fever free for 24 hours...or was it 48
that's why I was expecting a call.
that and Thunderous was saying his stomach still hurt, I said "aww so sad, get on the bus!"

Well I have goddess duties to attend to, and my tummy is pained.
So I best be on my way...probably need to get more 7up...