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Thursday, February 26, 2009

quick update and ER trip

For those how care this is a quick sketch update that I hope to expound upon later, but vague out line will have to do for now. sorry.

had a meeting with the school about Thunderous suspension and other stuff. You can not suspend someone for their disability so we called in the Super attendant of the exceptional student department to attend the meeting. the principal was not happy because he does not want to believe that "such a smart kid" ISN'T doing it on purpose and it IS part of his disability.
I had the pleasure of explaining the manic smile and what it means and watching the faces of those who misunderstood it suddenly realize "Oh." all in all another stupid meeting where nothing seemed to get done. did I mention the principal was not happy? yup, really not happy to be WRONG.

At work I had my review with the district manager and did the unthinkable...told him what I wanted and needed and didn't go out of my way to kiss his butt. Got wonderful marks on my review. I wasn't rude, just showed him the numbers so he had something to think about. We are under a hiring freeze and a raise freeze, the whole company including the big dogs. Still love my job.

Eldest was in one of her...states? at her appointment with the psycistrist. So I felt kinda good that they got to see what I was trying to tell them, I hadn't been making it up. I know it made an impact because they asked if she had had her medicine yet. we are STILL waiting for an appointment for that, how many months later?

Got home from that to find out that backyard had been lit on fire AGAIN!
and to turn around and take Monster to the ER. She had cut her finger badly, My Love used duct tape to stop the bleeding.
She and Thunderous had been playing with the neighbors when Monster got cut by a glass window on a trailer (still trying to learn if she broke it or if it was already broken or some combination) they were trying to stop the bleeding when the neighbor girl lit a match and dropped it on the grass. Thunderous and the other boy tried to put it out but it went out of control quickly. They ran for the grown ups.
In the ER we found out how bad she had cut it. All the way through the joint capsule. He stitched that closed but couldn't find her tendon. I do mean could not find. He looked. I think I was going to pass out, not something I usually do. So he stitched it up with only 2 stitches, immobilized it and wants us to come see him on Sunday when he will be able to tell if the tendon is actually not working. Didn't sound to promising to me, no matter the out come.
She is in pain and I almost let her stay home, but I also didn't want to denie her the opportunity to show it off to her class. She kept the ER bracelets on so she could show them that too!

now off to work and I'll try to flesh all that out for you later.

I was in bed all that day convinced unicorns were playing baseball...
but Happy Belated Birthday to the best MOM!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


been sick
missed days of work
went on delerious shopping trip
had funky weird dreams

I don't make a good sick person

Thunderous got suspended the day I came home sick
he REALLY regrets it

I think his principal does too.

gonna go rest
and growl at everyone
I don't like being sick.

probably gonna get them all sick too... oh yay.

Saturday, February 14, 2009



I do not think anyone who knows me will disagree when I say I am a romantic. I think perhaps it is intertwined with my irrational optimism. How much of seeing beauty, hope, and miracles in all things everyday is from romance and how much from optimism?

It’s probably a question that is in the same realm as 'How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?' The world may never know.

Today is Valentines Day. A day set aside each year for Hope and Love and Romance. A rather delicate holiday in my mind. A day to declare Love or Redeclare. A day where actions speak louder then any bauble, but then again I am usually one for action over material no mater the holiday. To me the gift declaring your love is spoken most clearly in the thought that was put into the gift: the gift itself being the word and the action the intensity and inflection of the word. Perhaps that is why I insist that the kids make their valentines rather then settling for the expressionless scraps of paper that are the common staple.

One year we drove to a beautiful spot in the mountains as a family and had a picnic then wandered enjoying the area. That may not sound big, but the fact is for My Love it was. It was to a place he had never been before and being in the mountains the weather is rather unpredictable coupled with his feelings on our cars and their reliability it was quite a huge gift! He kept asking me if I was enjoying it with such a burning desire to see me happy in his voice and eyes that it really touched me.

This year I must say I was rather not expecting a very intense gift. For you may recall that in November I told him all I wanted was a bouquet of flowers that had a secret message of love in the Language of Flowers. You may also recall I had a particularly unhappy day were I reminded him of this and was met with a vacant gaze.

I was expecting the stand by roses and chocolate: not that I would complain, for those are special in their own right, but it would have been as intense as Hershey’s milk chocolate when you long for Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate, enjoyable in it’s own right but not the same.

Imagine my interest when he packed me off to get my present this morning. Not only had he planed a bouquet to speak to me in secret songs of love, he had a back up plan if the garden centers and floral shops failed to match his desires.

Just driving on this quest was enough for me. I may be romantic, but apparently I am easy too.

We went to the best garden center in town. His carefully written list of what he sought clutch against the whipping wind as we strode from car to door. Of course he held the door for me. He really had no idea what he was looking for. Though he had seen pictures of the plants he was looking for he couldn’t even pronounce them and garden centers are as alien to him as a football stadium is to me. He did not want me to know what we were looking for (making it rather difficult to help) so we walked and looked at what was there.

Rather spare at first glance, but I recognized that much of the empty looking pots of dirt held tiny plants. Most look freshly potted, which an attendant confirmed when I bullied him into asking for help. We saw several statures and fountains we would one day like to have in our garden, not one of which was less the $100. What can I say? We have exquisite taste.

He was fidgety so I stopped site seeing . Yes, I could have happily spent hours just poking in each corner and peering at the new potted plants day dreaming about how they would look in a few short months and about garden after garden that I would plant…but My Love was on a quest and I was here as support. So, I took him by the hand and walked up to one of the attendants 9turns out it was the one in charge of flowering plants) and asked if they could help him. Then I tactfully drifted away looking at seeds (and daydreaming more gardens and soil…) while he showed her his list.

She was absolutely baffled. She had never had someone ask for these things in mid winter and few in the spring. I was not looking at her when he explained in few words that he wanted them for their meaning so I do not know what she thought. I like to think she was moved by the beauty of the gift and would be telling her co workers and friends about the list and incredible man for days. From her voice she was disappointed that she couldn’t help, but was excited and impressed with his choices. She said she would have them in the Spring but had nothing from the list now and really nothing to compare. He had hoped to give me seeds if they didn’t have the plants, they didn’t even have those.

He was so disappointed.

It is rather sad actually how few different kinds of flowers are available in florist shops. Many Roses and lilies, some tulips and carnations; but not what My Love was searching for.

Finally he accepted defeat and went to plan B.

While researching (yes actually researching) my flowers he had found the one he most longed to give to me had inspired a song by an Artist I really enjoy. So we went now on a quest for it.

We found it.

I think I almost started crying when he played it for me the first time; he was heading for the mountains as it played and all the birds seemed to be playing and dancing in the wind as we drove and listened. I love the last verse the most.

He says he is not done yet, but I say he should be. I plan to make a garden out of his list



And for you other romantics out there who believe the Language of Flowers should not be lost, should not go quietly into the night to fade like the stars at dawn,
here is the page I sent My Love to: The Forgotten Language of Flowers

And in case you haven't figured out the Flower he was most longing to give me is it
Amaranth: Immortality; Unfading Love


I think I may send him some Sage and Spanish Jasmine, maybe Yellow Tulips with the second meaning too!
What would you send to your love?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

North Pole, South Pole

Did you know it is called Bi Polar because they have 2 extremes that are opposite? Like the north pole and the South Pole one pole is as far as you can get from the other.
We happen to be at the Other pole right now. Before Christmas it was the violent and depressed pole, now we are at the euphoric hyper pole. That may sound nice, but it is actually a little...annoying? scary?
Part of it is that we know that as happy, hyper and confidant as she is now she will be just the opposite soon, depressed, violent, and listless. We are trying to take advantage of this Pole trip as much as we can.
She is doing very good in school and we are working on routines that are doable an simple and written down so when we get to the other pole she will have one last thing to worry, think, or stress about.
She is getting to do things that she doesn't want to do or isn't able to do the Other times.
She has helped me with 2 fund raisers, plans to help with the 3rd, and wants to plan her own! She wants to do a fund raiser for Autism Speaks in honor of her brother... can you say Wow! we did.
She spent 2 days with a friend and did great there and when she got home. She bought herself some fake nails and they make her feel really good. She has very short nails that are rather yucky so with these nice fake ones she isn't as self conscious of her hands.

It's not all joy and song though. The hyper part has made it so she gets on peoples nerves sometimes, or can't sit still. I had to make her go for a walk the other day be cause she felt like she was going to explode! she gets really creative, but then really upset if it doesn't work how she envisioned. And she is really confidant, so we have to be sure she doesn't decide she can do things that are unrealistic.... she hasn't yet, but her psychiatrist warned up she may. Things like jump off the roof cuz they can fly, or drive the car...

It is kinda a nice break from the Other Pole, but we have to balance all the things she wants to do with not over whelming her because once the poles swing she may not be able to keep up with all she is trying to do now.


Navajo Balance at it's finest?

Monday, February 9, 2009

R2 is Coming!!!!

SO Excited!
I received an email confirmation the my new R2 unit is on the way!
I have to call the post office this morning to be sure they DO NOT deliver it here, but hold it there instead. We have...issues with light fingered neighbors.

I decided on the Cuisinart one!
It's not very R2ish in appearance so it may end up with a different name... I'll have to ask My Love and Thunderous for other droid names.

When I went online to find a location that carried them, cuz I wanted the instant gratification of walking into a store getting it right then and there, I wasn't able to. It seems that everyplace I have in town was out of stock or *gasp* didn't carry them! Those places shall now be avoided as not being worthy of this sometimes goddess.
After consulting My Love I ordered it from Sears and got the warranty. My Love pointed out with my abusive track record of the machines I should really get some kind of coverage. I conceded to his insight and did so.
i have a new cook book and hope to have my new R2 unit bake some lovely things to go with the recipes we try (that way if the new recipe is a flop there is still wonderful hot bread!)

this waiting is very hard...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Captain O' My Captain

Thunderous One has always been a pirate.
He has always loved ships. His first obsession was hot wheel cars... that is until he saw a boat. The love began at first sight.
When the Pirates of the Caribbean came out it made all things pirate more accessible. So we got him a tri-corner hat for his birthday a few years ago. It rarely left his head. He and I are recognised around town for our hats.

Tonight we got some new info from Grandma.
When Grandma and Grandpa were here this summer Grandpa told Thunderous how we had Whalers in our blood line... he may not have seemed to be listening, but believe me, he was. This reignited his passion for ships and the ocean for a time. He already had plans in place to get a ship, become a pirate, and buy back the island another pirate (REAL pirate) in our history once had named for him.
Well tonight Grandma had to go and send us MORE relatives with Ocean going history's!
It comes strongly from both sides, it appears stretching back to Vikings (if I recall correctly).

It dawned on me as I shared this info with my excited son that I have NEVER seen the ocean!
I, who come from a long line of historical oceangoing figures, have spent all my life Landlocked!
I seem to have gotten all the farming DNA, Thunderous all the Seagoing DNA.

So we decided it is time.
We grabbed an Atlas and I told him to pick a town on a coast and we will plan a trip. (and hopefully actually go on it) We decided we need to get to the sea put our feet in it and see if it calls to us.

I didn't want to go to the sea on the East Coast, even though that is the one we have the family connection. There are too many people on the East Coast for me to think about. Funny cuz I'm usually not the one to freak out about crowds.
So we thought "Hey! Maybe we can make it to California and back in a week, like spring break!"
So California it is.

The first Town Thunderous has picked is Eureka
If you are familiar with the SciFi show you will know why he wants to go there :)

My Love, the only among us who has ever seen the sea, has explained how California has two types of oceans. The one by Oregon is cold and grey and the Southern one is warm and blue.
Can you guess where we will head?

So now the quest begins... Plan a Journey to the Sea!

In the mean time I am going to find the plans we have (somewhere) for a boat. I think he should build it.

oh and on a side note, I happen to be afraid of California. Could be a full blown phobia. I'm trying not to think about it... this is for Thunderous after all... *gulp*

Edit: We have found Thunderous' birthday present :)