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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am sure moving is stressful and eventful for ANYONE that has to go thru it.
I am discovering this week just how much is added when you toss in the whole Mental/emotional challenged to the mix.

Thunderous hasn't slept since we showed him the place we are moving to. (hence I do not get to sleep.)

Eldest is flipping between talking non-stop obsessive to reclusive and silent so fast and so many times it makes my head hurt.

Thunderous has his room already packed.

Eldest .... well I have no idea what she is doing. It looks mostly packed...but she keeps arranging and re-arranging things.

Monster (shares the room) is mostly hiding. She doesn't want to be around Eldest.

Basically I am very tired.
and if I think too much I start having a panic attack.

My Love and I keep inventing things for Thunderous to do to try and keep him from obsessing or locking down. He had his first big fight with his best friend this week so that has made him...more reactive...raw... I can' think of a word to describe it.
He is currently trying to make a scale model of his new room and all the pieces of his furniture so he can arrange/plan and fung shui his room. Kinda hard to do with out the measurements but boy is he trying!
We are really happy with how well he has been handling this...but honestly, I'm not sure how we (Thunderous and myself) will survive this week! Or perhaps I should say I'm not sure WHO will survive this week.
We are going to ask if we can began the move early...that should give Thunderous time to adjust.

I don't know what will help Eldest.
Most of the time I don't think I know enough about her bipolar to really help her.
One thing I did learn is she thinks Pink Floyd is "weird" "creeps her out".
Oh and she thinks it's too on the dark side. LOL! This from the kid who tried to be Emo!
(she is talking about making a quilt that has pieces that symbolize all the different part of all the stereo types that she feels she is. I told her to go for it!)
She is mostly in her room this morning. She keeps coming out to just stand in a room. She doesn't say anything: just stands there. Then she will go back to her room. The next time she comes out she might be talking non-stop about something or she might just stand in a room again.
Seems to be processing something.

*sigh* the list of To Do is getting longer and longer.
I'm going to buy a huge stack of paper plates so we wont have to worry about dishes (cuz I'm packing them all up!)
gonna listen to my favorite song and get moving.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't know what to title this post yet... I'll get back to that.

Today is "One of those days" I guess.
You see this morning I have to go to court for the neighbors dog killing my duck.
Thunderous One cracked a tooth, so I will be taking him to the dentist.
He and the Monster have an eye exam this afternoon. (His first ever)
Last night we went to look at 3 places, which sent each special need into it's own unique over load.
I'm supposed to work. (not gonna happen)
I have to call on more places and go by a local place to see if we can get a land/home package...

It seems quite alot.

I have to admit, I wasn't quite ready for the break downs... I should have been, I've had enough experience right?
Eldest went off because she wants her own room and wants to live in town. So we are all evil and against her because we didn't like the one place that she did.
Thunderous couldn't stop analyzing each place over and over out loud for the next several hours and quizzing everyone on their thoughts. It was obsessive! Drove me crazy! I can only say the same thing for 3 hours before I get annoyed. He couldn't sleep last night because of it and his tooth was driving him crazy... He talked in his sleep all night. Which kept waking me up.
Of course Eldest's walking around in the middle of the night didn't help.
This move is going to set every disorder off isn't it?
Monster was just upset because her sibs were and they kept telling her "what to do."
It's even brought out all of My Love's disorders too~!

okay timer went off...means I have to go (that's how I am keeping myself going now, use a timer!)

So lets play a quick game of name this post as I can't think of what to call it...
any suggestions?

Friday, January 15, 2010

When NOT to watch movies ____________or Not KNOWing

So, I was going to write a big insightful post about having the strength to let your kids go...
or rather NOT having the strength to let your kids go even if it means the extinction of the entire human race cuz you are selfish and would keep them with you...

Of course, I then realized that would be one long crazy rambling post...okay an even longer crazier rambling post then usual.

So, what I am going to say instead is: Perhaps it is best to NOT watch deep movies about the end of the world when you are melancholy and stressed out over your own real children and life.

Just a thought.

Just putting that idea out there.

Might take my own advice someday.

Not gonna watch Knowing again (if I can help it)
Perhaps an encore of Julie & Julia instead...?
Yes, that should do quite nicely.
Who wouldn't prefer thinking about boning a duck rather then Alien/angels and solar flares of doom?

So, in case we missed the moral of the story.
Use Care In Thy Movie Viewing.

the end.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ice Cream!!!!

Who cares if it is winter and currently about 30 degrees!
At work we talked about our town's Dairy Queen and wondered why it closes for the winter every year.
Now this darling blog I follow is having a contest to win an ice cream maker!
You can enter too, just follow this link Embrace the Chill

We all like ice cream in this house!
In fact tonight we had to go to the store. Monster was in charge of the list. She looked it over and covertly added Ice cream to the bottom. (well... she added pizza too, but we are talking about Ice Cream!)

We each like our ice cream a different way:

My Love likes it simple.
Vanilla with caramel topping. Photobucket

Eldest likes vanilla with chocolate chips or M&M's.

Thunderous One likes as much as he can get! "Soft, not too cold. Covered in chocolate sauce and M&M's." He likes to have One scoop of Vanilla and One Scoop of chocolate. He amuses me because he wont eat any ice cream that comes with 'stuff' already in it.

Monster like hers as "chocolate ice cream, with M&M's on top, chocolate crumbed chocolate....and any other chocolate stuff"

and me?

I like to match my ice cream to my mood, usually leaning toward chocolate though.
I like the complex ones like Moose tracks or Rocky Road or some specialty one as a special treat when I am feeling good. I'll toss most anything on it, also matching my mood.
Fudge or Chocolate sauce if I'm going to watch a movie, especially a scary one.
Candy bars for Family movies. Maple syrup when I feel like annoying My Love... Photobucket
When I am feeling down... I usually throw on nuts and you know I am feeling very down, melancholy, or nostalgic if I add corn chips.

Corn chips are the most special topping.

My Dad introduced me to the specialness of Corn chips on ice cream. I can't have a bowl with out seeing him and the kitchen from childhood.. that and caramel corn, but that would be another blog.

Tonight though I think a plain chocolate will be nice.
Something smooth and calm...calm would be very nice tonight.


a smartalicy teen, who has no regard for her personal safety, STOLE MY HOT CHOCOLATE!

and it was just any hot chocolate!
It was The goddesses ebil dark hot chocolate! (melt a special dark chocolate candy bar in half and half)

She has postponed her languishing demise by flee to the safety of the school bus

But I shall find her
oh yes I will
and when I do she shall rue the day! Yes the WHOLE day! She shall rue it all!



Monday, January 4, 2010


Eldest has been doing really good! She had her usual bad pole this fall but has leveled out alot in the past week. So much so that she was able to spend 2 nights at her best friends and she didn't have the backlash that we have come to expect afterwords!
She is happier about how she looks too when she is balanced like this.

Tonight she asked me to help her with her nails. Eldest bites her nails really badly and when she is in her more stable times she really hates it and tires to stop, but it's a nervous habit in her less balanced times. So the damage is bad. I worry he nails will end up looking like my dad's.

Knowing this Monster bought her a set of fake nails for Christmas. Monster carefully chose a set that wasn't too Girly or too Emo. They are a french manicure with black tips instead of white and a pink scull and cross bone off to on side.

Eldest hopes they will keep her from biting her nails and her hands will look good while they heal!
Smart girl.

Here are her nails, what do you think?

close nails

We didn't have lots of conversation while she carefully matched each nail to a finger. But it was just a nice calm mom and daughter moment. She matched the nails and I squeezed the stubborn glue bottle and pressed each one on till the glue dried. We sat off in a courner of the room by ourselves and really didn't pay attention to everyone else.

Shes been kinda quiet the last few days.We had a girls night Saturday and she picked 3 girly movies we would never have watched if the boys were home! We just sat next to eachother quietly on the couch and watched the movies, except during Twilight which we both tore apart for not following the book when we wanted it to.

Quiet is not like her, so though it seems we are in the more balanced time, I will still keep watching her.

ps I got to put on the left over ones! I don't think I have ever had on real fake nails before (these use glue, not stickers like when I was a kid) They feel kinda odd. well, that and I am short one nail on each hand LOL!
Maybe they can help save my hands from the ravages of my job,too!