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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Request for Advice

I have 2 topics I want to bounce of of someone...
so... tag, you're it!
First one:
Eldest is starting high school and would like a cell phone. We have come up with the following contract. I would like impute on it... any advice from parents of cell carrying kids especially! Anything we should add?
I, (place your name here), do agree to earn and maintain grades in each of my high school classes of an A or B (a B- will count as a B for one semester only).
After earning these grades I shall receive a basic pay-as-you-go cell phone with $15 worth of minutes.
I will earn upgrades to the phone and or additional minutes by maintaining A's & B's or improving my grades.
I may lose phone privileges if my grades fall, chores are not done, any rues not adhered to, and at the discretion of my parents.
I understand having a cell phone is a privilege and I wish to earn that privilege.

Everyone's signature.

What do you think?
Really need some comment on this one... I just might beg!

Now the second thing: I would like to hear about is crock-pot cooking.
We use ours OFTEN!
But we keep running into the same problem.
We follow recipes and experiment but very rarely do we seem to get the food out of the crock-pot as flavorful as we want. We usually have to season again on our plates.
More garlic, pepper and salt almost every time.
Is there a secret we are missing?
Do you have to seriously over season for it to have flavor?
Or are we adding ti at the wrong time?
Perhaps it should be added in the last 30 minutes rather then at the beginning?
Anyone have experience with this?


Friday, August 20, 2010

Bounty Hunter

My Love just got home.. he had exciting news...
He saw Dog the bounty hunter downtown as he rode home from work.
All black, long blond hair, 'sleeves', 2 black...ummm...can't remember the name of the SUVs but he knew...
and they were video taping.
He looped around the block but they all got into thier SUVs before he got back. I guess they knew he had made them.

I wish I could get up the energy to be excited about it...maybe go hunt them down myself...i will be a bounty hunter myself someday after all.... but just too empty to try right now.
I'm letting the 2 oldest take their bikes down the street though.
maybe I'll just call everyone I know and really blow their cover
*evil grin*

Dog has a link on his page about it :)
No crazy!
It really was Dog
Dog the Bounty Hunter