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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What did EVIL stand for again?

Want to have fun?

Bust your kid(s) doing something wrong while you are gone....
then tell them you know they did it because you have a hidden digital camera that showed it...
then sit back and try not to giggle as they try to find it.

It's fun listening to their whispered councils with each other about the places it could be.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...never mind.

So there is nothing quite as eye opening to how goofy you really are like reading a non- relative/non-friend's blog.
After reading the first post you find through (or maybe you don't even make it that far) you get to say to yourself, "Huh, so that's what a blog is supposed to look like. What the heck have I been doing?"
I am now eyeing my copy of Blogging for Dummies, a gift from my eldest. Perhaps that was a subtle hint that I missed the first time round. Darn kids.
To tell you the truth I don't even read my own blog.... maybe that would help LOL!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Monster Althlete

One day last month Monster came up to me after I had gotten home from work and handed me a packet of papers, Thunderous was trying to talk to me at the same time as she, gee that's a shock, so I had to make her tell me what she had just said again.
She stood there and told me: didn't ask me, no hesitation...just very confidently told me she had joined a triathlon team at school for special School Cup Triathlon. She would be the swimmer on the Wild Cats team. There was a meeting on a Thursday at 5:30pm and the event was October 2nd 6am. She already had her teammates and a scholarship to pay the entry fee. She was so herself again I could only smile and agree. Now, if I would just fill out the permission form she could go train.
I filled out the forms while she changed into her swimsuit and then recruited her brother to be her personal trainer; Because, as you know, all the best athletes have personal trainers and coaches.

She took it very seriously. She trained in the pond everyday after school for 2 weeks. My Love and I started to talk. She was putting forth such an effort we needed to help, support her efforts. We worried that she had only every swum in our pond out back. Not a bad place to spend the time mind you, but she was expected to swim 4 laps of the community pool for her part of the triathlon... she had been running every recces with her teammate that would do the 1.2 mile run and jump roping with the teammate who would be doing the 3.5 mile bike race part. I'm not exactly sure how the jumping rope helps you ride a bike, but I did not argue. As we got daily reports on the girls, we had to be sure she would preform well for her team!
A few phone calls later and we had it: A pool.
One of the local hotels was more then happy to let her come and train in their pool. That way she would be used to a indoor pool with all it's clear water and humility!
She had a sponsor.

So now, after diner we would load up and go swim laps together, even the other 2 finished chores in time to come a few time.
She was good.
She worked hard and experimented with a couple different styles of swimming before she found the ones that worked best for her. That first practice was interesting for me, because on a pure impulse I had dyed my hair the day before.
Just walkin' down the isle at the store and said "Oh, hey...I think I'll do that..." grabbed a few boxes and voila! My hair was red before the hour was out. Yeah...timing could have been better on that I guess... So as all you who have had your hair dyed or permed can imagine...pool water, new dye... I tried not to get my hair wet.
Ever trained a swimmer without getting your hair wet?
Was interesting.

So it became a routine. Pick mom up from work, eat dinner , workout at pool, home, shower, bed...with a few variations that included taking the other 2 somewhere dropping them off then workout at pool, pick them up, home, shower, bed or that really great night of go to Homecoming, train, home, shower, bed.

Then 3 days before the BIG DAY one of her teammates, the biker, pulls out. Tell you the truth I didn't even ask why, I was too busy trying to work out with the event planners a way to fix it.
They found a girl, a runner, in a grade higher whose teammates hadn't made the deadline on the forms so was about to pull out. There was some race rearranging and they had a new teammate!
Oh! I may have made a friend out of it too! One of the teammates mother and I knew each other casually... she is one of my regular customers from work! After the girls introduced us we then found out the boys were in scouts together! Small town :)

The 2 nights before the race we went to the BIG MEETING. She got a bag, her number, and placement. She got her team number written on her with permanent marker: 191!
Then there was a review of the rules, procedure, the course route, more rules, and then Q&A.
She was thrilled that her bag had a water-bottle, a t shirt, gift certificates from places in town, a power bar, and oddly enough a toothbrush and toothpaste...still not bad breath on race day?
BUT we never found any of her teammates, they never checked in.

Day before race: minor trauma when the sunscreen she put on for her field trip washed the numbers right off of her leg and arm! The Lady at the BIG MEETING had said it would be there for a week!

to be cont.

Life Happends

The last month has been so busy I don't know where I am sometimes!
To sum it up I will tell you about a Saturday I had a few weeks ago...
I worked my usually 9 hour shift, then came home.... oh wait had to stop at the store to buy something for dinner, then get home. In the car we talked about what Eldest would wear to homecoming that night. I had made the shirt I was wearing to work that day and Eldest suggested I could sew her something to wear. I mean, come on, the dance is a long 3 hours away. After I stopped laughing I decided okay, we'll see what we can do.

I had made my shirt using 2 t-shirts, so while My Love tossed diner in the oven, I changed, and the girls went to the shed and hauled in a bag of discarded t-shirts. We agreed before I started on a t-shirt dress for her that she would try on my old Homecoming dress.
She could have pulled it off, but I had curves where she doesn't really yet.
Suddenly there is no time left... I dig out an old black sheath dress and gloves and a wrap and so on... We did her hair and makeup and accessorised and made her Cinderella in time. Also had diner and walked the dogs in that time.

Okay... I am now not sure how I managed all this I know I did...but now the details are a little muddled....

We loaded up in the van and headed out...
Pick Thunderous One up from a 25 mile bike ride and camping trip,
Picked up 3 of Eldest's friends...
Dropped all the teens off at the dance,
Went to a hotel in town and trained Monster for her triathlon,
Pick Eldest up from the dance and got everyone back home and in bed before 10.

No, did I do that?