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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Found! ... well kinda...

So, last I posted Thunderous One was very worried about his missing friend.
Well, we found him!

I found out unpleasant things about the family in my research.
But his friend was 'found'!

What that means is he is with out of state family...

I don't really feel like dragging the family's issues out in public, so I'll just leave it at that for any who were worried too.

and Thunderous One is relived that every night mare he has heard of on tv, stories, and movies did not happen to a friend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011 what?

We have a brand new experience ... another one I had not thought about how to deal with till it happens.
Thunderous One has a friend who has been missing since before Thanksgiving. Seeing your friend on posters around town is odd. Being Autistic and seeing your friend on posters around town because he is missing is ..... I don't know.
Last night during dinner it got brought up.
It seems He really hadn't thought his friend was missing, that maybe just the school didn't know where he was... but when I explained the poster was also at the gas station and grocery store, not just the school... and I had talked to his grandma (who is a Health Tech at Monster's school, small town)
It suddenly hit him... his friend was missing. he started to tell us everything that he knew about his friend.
I feel kinda odd... maybe bad? Because as he talked I wanted to make a file... I wanted to compile information. Like I was some kind of detective.
But I'm not, I am just someone who likes to research, that's what I keep telling myself.
Then he asked me, "Mom, will you look for him? You can find everything... maybe there are some answers."

Okay I thought I can look and see what the newspaper has about it...
They have nothing... not one article.

I check the Missing Children's web page... they do not have him reported there either...

To me that makes no sense.

So now I am stuck... Has it not been on the news ... so now I have these questions in my head based off of what I did and did not find.
And I am trying to decide what I will do.

*thinking, thinking*

What would you do?