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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kitchen Swap Anyone?

As I was puttering around my kitchen this morning at the obscene time of 5:18 a.m. and putting dishes away I recalled a conversation that My Love and I had a day or two ago. He was commenting on how slyly I had slipped Green into the kitchen.... the recent purchase of plastic bowls was green, and the cups... oh look and some plates...

Not My Fault! They were on clearance and the only other color they had was orange!
I was NOT going to buy orange...sorry orange you are not my color for the kitchen.

As I looked around I saw he was right.
I like Green, one might even say it is my favorite color.
The kitchen is the only room that I seem to be decorating in green. Green of every shade! I was noticing the many shades as I was putting things away. And leaves, lots of green leaves. Scattered here and there among my green leaves there are glass red hearts.
It got me thinking, how fun would an exchange be when you bought a box full of kitchen accents in color or theme for someone!

My Sister usually hosts these exchanges so I thought maybe I would ask her how it is done... or have her host one that I can play in! I mean obviously I have been a bit down lately .... and My Sis usually prescribes a shopping trip for just such moods...
So how about it?
Anyone want to do a Kitchen Theme box exchange?
Buy each other spoon rests and dish towels in favorite themes?